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Biological Community

 - Agenda del Pianeta Terra

I think we all express empathy for the helpless non-humans form a "BIOLOGICAL COMMUNITY" nearly one virtual state in which old values ​​are reversed. The cultural bomb is that in this community there are not only eco- animal humans but there are also all our brothers and sisters that we must protect and defend the teeth of non-violence.


The species "Homo sapiens " - to the divine word - for centuries it has been considered absolutely different from animals born only those objects for our use . From this convention hypocritical born massacres , mistreatment and cruelty , the human animal is unleashed on the 3rd brain that rettiliniano with all its brutal aggression.


At the legislative level l ' "Man" has autoconsiderato "legal person" with all their civil, political , social , and for him the animals are res = things and meadows , the woods , the mountains , the seas , the lakes are territories of conquest for power, for speculation, industrial war . City born and then cemented roads and railways asflatate , machines of all kinds , cars, planes , creating an apparent well-being. And alciune human categories and especially the animals always slaves, always prey , always subject , sacrificed by science and by consumption, taste and fashion .


But the eco- animal do not accept this game globalizing and enslaving the weak but think that every being has his natural rights to life , respect , freedom, natural rights which in a sense even steep c man possesses because the various powers have stolen the air , water , land , health, and now also work. But the great excluded by the law and their fundamental rights are with us and together we are part of the great biological community of "different" but equal in life, because (that ) it is now clear that the human species is similar in all other and to a same origin .


We and other animals, we are a community numerous, much more numerous old human conservative prejudices, ignorance and falsehood . We are powerful, and so - as they are self-defined entities - we call ourselves all ( human and nonhuman ) over a state virtual , and we humans are also representatives of those who - innocent - relying on nature - they do not have the opportunity to react as human slaves and people and / or individuals persecuted.


Of this situation, the other part of the world will be on us " believe " in a non- violent but determined and uncompromising. The Network will unite us in a fast communication world , we can give us the rules and we propose ways of life , finally human , ecological and fair, without environmental disasters and without the use of animals.


If you think I 'm saying crazy things tell me that I will disappear into thin air. Who is instead agreed to come forward and soon. Write a message to us,biologicalcommunity@agendadelpianetaterra.net , or fill in this form to join the Biological Community.


We deeply united the leaders of all those who are innocently persecuted, tortured and killed